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Rush: Hewitt’s Questions To Trump ‘Further The Narrative’ Republicans ‘Aren’t Bright’

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Talk radio host Rush Limbaugh argued Hugh Hewitt’s questions to GOP presidential candidate Donald Trump were “designed to further the narrative that Republicans are just not bright” on Friday. Rush said, while discussing Trump’s interview and George W. Bush’s similar interview, “This was even done to Reagan, folks.  Reagan was running for president.  He and the other candidates were asked if they knew the names of various obscure heads of state. These questions are never asked of Democrats, by the way.  Make note of this: The question that Trump got, Democrats will never get those questions in the normal ebb and flow of things.  Hillary will never get them.  Clinton will never get ‘em. Never did.  It’s just… They are questions that are designed to further the narrative that Republicans are just not bright; they’re just not hip. And when it works on one of them, then every other Republican is

Comcast, Facebook Refuse to Run Ads for ‘Family Night’ at Gun Range

Osseo Gun Club & Pro Shop/Facebook
When Osseo Gun Club & Pro Shop reached out to Comcast to run commercials for “family night” at their gun range, they were told they could only run the commercials if they did not use the word “gun” and if they removed the phrase “family night.” At the same time, Facebook informed Chris Williamson—owner of Osseo Gun Club & Pro Shop—that they would not let him put up posts on the “family night” event because his business sells guns.
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