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Onward to New Hampshire

We’re now officially past the Iowa caucuses, and as it turns out, inevitability is fleeting.

On the Republican side, Ted Cruz claimed victory, Donald Trump is not inevitable, Marco Rubio is the big story and the first to exit the race is Mike Huckabee. Yes, Ben Carson had a decent showing but with a tough road ahead in New Hampshire, the question is whether he can last till South Carolina. As for the other GOP candidates, they were never inevitable and really not viable except for Jeb Bush because of his deep campaign pockets.

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Cruz Campaign Responds to Donald Trump: ‘Lets Not Forget Who Whipped Who in Iowa’

Donald Trump, Ted Cruz
The campaign of Republican presidential candidate Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) is hitting back at Donald Trump, after Trump repeated an offensive remark, by reminding Trump not to “forget who whipped who in Iowa.” At a Trump rally on Monday, a woman in the crowd shouted that Cruz was, “a pussy.” “She just said a terrible thing,” Trump said while smirking. “You know what she said? Shout it out,” Trump told the woman. “Okay, you’re not allowed to say and I never expect to hear that from you again,” Trump said. “I never expect to hear that from you again! She said: ‘He’s a pussy.’ That’s terrible.” The crowd cheered and Trump threw his hands up in the air. Cruz’s Communications Director responded on Twitter by saying that Trump is, “turning the campaign into the latest episode of a reality show but let’s not forget who whipped who in Iowa.” .@realDonaldTrump turning the campaign into the latest episode of a reality show but let’s not forget who whipped who in Iowa. — Rick Tyler (@rickwtyler) February 9, 2016

German Gun Ownership SKYROCKETS To 301,000 In Response To Migrant Crisis

german gun ownership
The number of licences for ‘small weapons’ in Germany rose by 21,000 over the month of January, pushing the total number of papers held across the Federal Republic to 301,000. The declaration of small weapon licences comes after a request by a Green Party member of parliament, who criticised German citizens’ decisions to invest in self defence as provocative. Green politician, security committee member, and former policewoman Irene Mihalic acknowledged the change was because of growing insecurity felt by the Germany people, reports Frankfurter Allgemeine, and said: “Imagine that during major event like a carnival, if people acted rashly a weapon might only provoke chaos and violence… when more and more people carry weapons, it is more likely to contribute to escalation than calm situations”. The small arms licences being issued now in such great number only cover firearms such as blank firing pistols, and deterrent self-defence pistols. Rather than firing live shells, the gas guns which are indistinguishable from from their live-firing equivalents use an explosive propellant to fire a concentrated cloud of CS gas at an attacker. Once a licence has been acquired, there is no limit or checks on the acquisitions of these small guns, a “loophole” Ms. Mihalic has
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WaPo Joins War on Catholic Church over Zika and Abortion

AP Photo/Felipe Dana
The beltway bastion of mainstream media liberalism, the Washington Post, has teamed up with the abortion industry to beat up the Catholic Church for its opposition to abortion as a means of addressing the Zika virus outbreak in Latin America. Decrying what it calls the Church’s “entrenched opposition” to relaxing abortion laws, the Post abandoned all pretense of objectivity in its lengthy screed in support of abortion as a means to tackle the Zika crisis. Nowhere in the nearly 1,500-word article does the Post bother to comment on the numerous problems with this approach, in its zeal to back up the abortion lobby. The article does, of course, trot out Planned Parenthood’s fully discredited argument that legislation restricting abortion causes a rise in dangerous, “back-alley abortions.” As has been shown in the case of the United States, making abortion legal resulted in no perceptible decrease in female mortality due to complications in abortion. Moreover, by this logic, since outlawing terrorism results in the use of dangerous, homemade bombs, states should legalize it and supply them with effective, professional explosives. The Post claims that “Brazil’s government blames the virus for a sharp increase in reports of children born with undersize heads, a
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