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Webb: #NeverTrump? More like #NeverHillary

“Party Unity My Ass,” or as it was stated in 2008 on the website Pumapac.org, “People United Means Action,” was a movement that had some traction in the Hillary Clinton vs. Barack Obama battle for the 2008 Democratic nomination. I was contacted by PUMA activists who saw their party being hijacked to the far left by Obama and by progressives. I did what I could to help them. But the movement did little, if anything, to blunt Obama’s run for the presidency.

Are some Republicans now bent on committing political suicide in similar fashion? The answer is yes.

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The Day in San Diego

Trump Rally San Diego AP
Excited to see The Trump Tour in San Diego yesterday, I really wasn’t expecting huge crowds as it was the start of the Memorial Day Weekend, and this is California after all. Was I wrong!
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