Must Watch Video: African Americans for Obama. Is this the race card?

Must Watch Video: African Americans for Obama. Is this the race card?

By David Webb | February 27, 2012

Blacks in America have become so dumbed down as a community that they are expected to vote as they are told by the political overseers. Real political empowerment is to be unpredictable not assumed.

The black community, all communities prospered when they asked less from government at the state and federal levels and demanded more in the form of a regulatory environment that fosters growth.

Government cannot make a community or a nation wealthy, only use the wealth to grow government. Government should be limited, effective and Constitutional. It’s time to runaway from the government plantation, but who will be the modern day Frederick Douglass?

Today, as our nation kicks off African American History Month, the campaign is launching African Americans for Obama.

When President Obama took the oath of office, our economy was hemorrhaging jobs at a record pace. President Obama inherited a system that allowed a shrinking number of people to get ahead while the rest of us fell behind. But he stopped the bleeding and went to work for our community and our nation. Despite serious challenges, since 2009 restoring our shared values has helped us achieve real progress.

In some ways this election is more important than the last for our community. If we fail to re-elect President Obama, some people will say everything we’ve accomplished since 2008 was a fluke. That’s why we’ve got to speak loudly about his accomplishments and make sure that, throughout the campaign, we’ve got President Obama’s back. You can start today by volunteering or joining your local neighborhood team as a Black Business Captain, Congregation Captain, Barber Shop & Beauty Shop Captain, or HBCU Organizer.

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