Ron Paul Not Guaranteed Speaking Slot at Convention

Ron Paul Not Guaranteed Speaking Slot at Convention

By Alexandra Jaffe| Updated: July 15, 2012 | 4:03 p.m.

Rep. Ron Paul is not insured a speaking slot at the Republican National Convention this August because he failed to win enough delegates in Nebraska, his final chance to gain the amount needed, ABC News reports.

Though Paul supporters traditionally come well organized to state GOP conventions, they were unable to pull out a win at the Nebraska GOP convention, nabbing only two of the state’s 35 national delegates. Republican National Committee rules provide a candidate with a plurality of delegates in five states with 15 minutes of speech time at the Convention, and while Paul supporters pulled this off in Iowa, Louisiana, Maine and Minnesota, he fell short in Nebraska.

His campaign still plans to bring 500 Paul delegates to the convention, but he will now have to rely on Mitt Romney and the party to give him the opportunity to speak.

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