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David Webb’s American Forum is a one-hour broadcast with an audience of SiriusXM listeners. My goal for this forum since it’s inception in 2008 is to have candid discussions with notable Americans. Video clips are posted on SiriusXM’s YouTube channel.

SiriusXM media contact:  Greg Sahakian, Executive Producer, (646) 313-2346,

Some past participants:
Representative Paul Ryan
Tuskegee Airman Malcolm Nettingham
Newt Gingrich
Dick Morris
Anne Romney
KT McFarland
Charles Payne
Ellis Henican
Mike Huckabee

AM forum Jan Brewer placardApril 2013

Governor Brewer and David Webb discuss immigration, border security, states’ rights and responsibilities.



Vice President Richard B. CheneyOctober / November 2011

Richard B. Cheney, 46th Vice President of the United States. His career, politics, life and memoir, In My Time.

Videos from the American Forum with Vice President Cheney

#OWS and Crony Capitalism     On the Tea Party Movement

Problem With Obama Decision to Leave Iraq     Gaddafi and 2004 Nuclear Disarmament of Libya

April / May 2011

Donald Rumsfeld, former 13th and 21st U.S. Secretary of Defense. His career, politics, life and his #1 New York Times bestselling memoir, Known and Unknown.

Videos from the American Forum with Secretary Donald Rumsfeld

Abu Ghraib     The General’s Revolt     Credible Evidence of WMDs