One of the nation’s first independent tea party organizations, TeaParty365 remains a powerful voice for a return to limited government and fiscal responsibility. The organization which in 2009 helped produce some of the first and highest visibility tea party rallies in New York City has evolved into a national messaging platform for the fiscal conservative movement.

Thursdays on David Webb’s SiriusXM Patriot talk show are Tea Party Thursdays (TPT).  David Webb, co-founder Thomas J. Basile and activists across America engage in the discussion of key topics, advocate for fiscal reform, disseminate information on upcoming events and rebut attacks.

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ABOUT TeaParty365

TeaParty365, a non-partisan advocacy organization, was founded in February 2009 by fiscal conservative activists David Webb, Thomas J. Basile and Kellen Giuda to advocate for fiscal responsibility, free enterprise and the protection of American liberty.  We believe that limited, effective and efficient government must be our collective goal in order for this nation to maintain its place as the world’s leader.  TeaParty365 spreads the message that limited government means enhanced freedom and that increased personal responsibility ultimately leads to higher achievement for all Americans.

TeaParty365 is not aligned with any political party.  We believe that both Republicans and Democrats have brought America to the brink of bankruptcy and that it will take systemic reform and real political courage to preserve the nation we love.


It is your voice that must be heard to stem the tide of government’s unchallenged growth at your expense. We need your help to ensure our officials here in New York, in Washington and across the country know that we the people want limited, effective and efficient government. Speaking out on these issues is not a partisan cause. It’s an American cause, and one in which all can participate.

As part of advocacy and activism, concerned taxpayers must reach out to people in their community to raise awareness about government abuses of our tax dollars and the reforms we need to survive.

We encourage all fiscal conservatives to take the high road.  After all, these are American values.  These are our communities, and even if people don’t agree with us, they are still our neighbors. We continue to foster a substantive, constructive and fact-based debate on the challenges we face as a nation.  Our activism and messaging platform is intended to be a catalyst for change and foster a more vibrant and productive political discourse.